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Welcome to our open-hearted community in Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo and Toronto...a place to discover your inherent potential for compassion, wisdom, inner peace and social awareness. Enjoy diverse community, health and wellness programs for adults and youth that are now being showcased internationally. We offer diverse programs on Essential Education, Secular Ethics, Mindfulness and Meditation, 5 Tibetan Yogas and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Practices.

We invite you to check back with us soon as we are in the process of redesigning and developing all-new content for you. We hope you will enjoy all the exciting new opportunities we have waiting to share with you!

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We have a whole new year of programming for you coming soon!

16 Guidelines Books and Cards

To place an order for the 16 Guidelines for Life book and card set for an upcoming course or personal interest send a message and include your request stating the number of sets, your name and mailing address to peace@centreforcompassionandwisdom.com

Until our online shop is functioning we kindly request for you to please mail a cheque payble to The Centre for Compassion & Wisdom, 1235 Fairview Street, Suite 306, Burlington, ON, L7S 2K9.
Please note a shipping and handling charge for a maximum of two sets is $10. If additional sets are required you will be advised of the charge. The cost of one 16 G set is $35.

Update on Dekyi-Lee Recovery

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share our latest update about our dear friend Dekyi Lee.

She has recently moved out of the hospital setting, and is now in a community respite care facility, which is allowing her to continue to work intensively on her healing. She is still transitioning with the new setting, and learning her way through new routines and supports.
Each day is filled with physio and occupational therapy as she works with much effort toward becoming independent in all areas of her life. This is a slow process, but an important one, and also one that takes much energy and focus for Dekyi Lee each day. She is still requesting limited visitors as she devotes her energy predominantly to these activities each day.

Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw Support Fund Has Been Established - Sunday, May 25th, 2014

During this period of long recovery for our dearest friend Dekyi-Lee there will be many challenges. Many of you have asked how you can be of help to support her, and we want you to know we have now set up a Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw Support Fund.

Dekyi-Lee has given so selflessly to so many over the years. If you wish to make a donation to support her recovery, these will be gratefully received and appreciated.

Within Canada, you can deposit your donation from any bank into Scotiabank Account 80242 05020 81 in the name of Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw Support Fund.

International deposits can be made to 80242 002 05020 81.

For paypal, please log in to www.paypal.com and send your donation to dekyileetrustfund@gmail.com.

On behalf of Dekyi-Lee, we thank you!

Another Way to Help Dekyi-Lee - See the new TMM app she has for purchase

Hello dear friends,

As you are aware, our beloved Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw is going through a very challenging time in her life due to a horrific car accident last Monday 28th April. I am sure she is aware of all the love and prayers pouring out for her wellbeing and deep wishes for her speedy recovery.

Our Prayer Circle

Motivated by a wish to help others, a small group of volunteers have formed a prayer circle. Spread out geographically, we do not meet as a group, but rather say prayers individually, based on our own particular spiritual background.

If you would like the group to pray for you, for someone you know, or for a group, please contact Judy at mhorsley@cogeco.ca and she will pass the information on to the members of the group. All we need is a name and the nature of the request and/or circumstances. We will then say prayers for that sentient being (human or otherwise) for three months, or longer if you so indicate.

All information is treated confidentially.

If you are interested in joining the prayer circle, please contact Judy at the above email address.

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